Mushers Secret

Musher's Secret at Wild Mountain Online Since 2005

Keep your dogs paws ice and snow free naturally. Paw protection from salt and hot pavement too.

Musher’s Secret is one of the
best ways to keep your dog’s paws free of ice and snow. The best paw protector
for salt burn or hot asphalt. Apply freely and you will enjoy rubbing the excess
into your hands. The best quality dog paw wax available. Made from a blend of
food grade organic waxes, then refined according to our secret
special formulations. Mushers Secret is the safe non
toxic way to protect your dogs paws.
Works well as a rejuvenating
balm on both you and your dog. Mush on!

 Buy 60 Gram Musher's Secret   Buy 200 Gram Musher's Secret   Buy One Pound Musher's Secret

Available  at our best prices
60 gram $11.95
200 gram $18.95
454 gram 1lb $27.45

Available as well at Amazon 


6 thoughts on “Mushers Secret

  1. […] The dogs had a great day cross country skiing in the Sangre de Cristos. We skied up Aspen Vista to the big rock and skied back. This was Lily’s first ski trip and she did pretty well. As long as the dogs stay behind the skiers then everything is ok. The problems occur if their paws get in the way of the skis. Rio learned that lesson long ago and had a stich or two. Of course we took plenty of Mushers Secret Wax. […]


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