Dog Essentials

10283724_zmAdventure Medical’s Me and My Dog First Aid Kit is awesome. Stuff happens out on the trail and having the right medical equipment can be crucial to the overall enjoyment of your adventure. Available from Moosejaw

Another dog essential is a collapsible dog water bowl. There are many available but none hold up as well as the Quencher from Ruffwear.
  Quencher     Quencher_Purple    QuencherGrn


If your dog is a kibble muncher try the Quencher Cinch to store food  while traveling.

20551_QuencherCinchTop_ForestGreen_Kibble_LrgPerhaps if you have food obsessed dogs like our Yellow Labs then it might be safer to store in the Kibble Kaddie.
Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie
Another great option is the Bivy Bowl and Bivy Cinch. Ultralight and durable fabric bowl. Welded, single-wall construction keeps the bowl simple and clean.
20401_BivyBowl_CampfireOrange_Full_Lrg 20401_BivyBowl_CampfireOrange_Collapsed_Lrg2046_BivyCinch_CampfireOrange_FullFood_Lrg2046_BivyCinch_CampfireOrange_Collapsed_Lrg


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