Dog Lifejackets


The Ruffwear K9 Float Coat is a tried and true life jacket for dogs. They fit well and provide excellent chest protection for dogs especially in whitewater.
Available from Ruffwear $79.95

   doglifejackets NRS_Dog

NRS CFD  is another favorite lifejacket for dogs. Our yellow lab Rio swam and played even did Class III in his CFD. I can still see him disappearing into a rapid smiling as he went.
Available at NRS  $44.95


EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device combines top performing flotation with the comfort of life vest versatility. Recognized as one of the top dog PDF’s on the market, EzyDog keeps your dog stylish with plenty of color options for your next trip to the beach. Up to 50% more flotation keeping your pup safe in the water

The EzyDog Micro Doggy Flotation Vests are designed so that our smaller dogs can have just as much fun in the water as our retrievers. This ultra-light, ultra-buoyant life jacket is designed to help the smaller dogs maintain an easy, natural swimming position. For small dogs 15 lbs. and smaller.

Paws Aboard Life Jackets well made and an inexpensive solution to provide casual use.on lakes and slow moving rivers. Available at Amazon.
Paws Aboard Neo Lifejacket for dogs


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